Business Start Up

  • Not Yet Started

    If you’re thinking of starting a business, you’ll first need to have a realistic idea that you can turn into a product or service.

    Or you might have already come up with an idea for a business you think there’s a market for

    Or maybe you have seen a business for sale and you think you may want to buy it.

  • Started but want to get it right

    Good for you. It would have been better to be there right at the beginning but you have made a great decision. Getting it right at this stage will give you a huge advantage over those who have no credible plan.

  • Been putting it off but need some help

    Now is always a good time. Let’s get together, see where you are and get things sorted

Mentoring & Support

You might not call them mentors, but you probably have a trusted group of people in your personal life that you can call on for support and advice. When times get tough, talking it over with someone who has been there and done that can make all the difference. One piece of good advice and you are back on the right road again.

Businesses need mentors at an early stage and there is evidence that this approach does work – 70% of small businesses that receive mentoring survive for five years or more. That is double the rate of those that don’t.

So my first piece of advice is to get together a “business family” who can provide you with the skills, advice and support you need to tackle the challenges ahead.

I believe that an experienced accountant will be a vital member of your “business family”

Key reasons for business failure include
  • Poor marketing;
  • Cash flow problems
  • Poor business planning
  • Lack of finance
  • Failure to embrace change
  • Poor choice of location
  • Poor management
  • Poor human resource relations
  • Lack of clear objectives

How can we help?

Mentoring & Support first of all. We have 35 years of business experience and have helped all types of businesses from the very smallest to multi-million pound companies. We understand the challenges and the solutions.

Record keeping, Accounts, Tax, VAT, Payroll, Budgeting, Invoicing, Credit Control, Paperwork, Costing, Spreadsheets, dealing with HMRC, Companies House, Banks and also getting to grips with what it all means to you and your business….

These may not be the reason you went into business, or even be something you ever want to think about, BUT…

Don’t leave it to chancedon’t put it off and don’t underestimate how much time it takes and how complicated it can all become.

We can help you

  • Get yourself prepared and equipped for business
  • Decide on the most suitable structure for your business – sole trader, partnership, limited liability partnership or limited company;
  • Set up a recording system that works for you and complies with statutory requirements;
  • With all aspects of business compliance and administration including completing your registrations with HMRC;
  • Prepare a business plan, cashflow projections, budgets and trading forecasts;
  • Assess the finance requirements, advise on the best sources of finance and draw up the necessary proposals;
  • Establish a good working relationship with your bank;
  • Choose and install computer hardware and software and design spreadsheets for you to use
  • Keep on top of bookkeeping, VAT, payroll and other accounting requirements;
  • Plan for the future, make sensible business decisions based on fact not what “Paul down the pub” says
  • Be tax efficient